Need help with toe-up sock in fairisle!

This post is going to end up pretty long but I’ll try format it to make it easy to read.

I’m wanting to knit personalized stockings for Xmas gifts this year… Getting a start on it now! I found this pattern which I fell in love with and purchased; Xmas Stockings. It’s a toe-up stocking, knit in fair isle. However, this is the first time I ever attempted to knit a “sock” and I’m fairly new to fair isle (I’ve done a few practice knits). After reading a few comments in Ravelry, I found that some people were having problems with the way the pattern was written (chart not matching up, some errors here-and-there).

I’m reading through this pattern in preparation. I’m having trouble visualizing the heel portion of the stocking, mainly the contrasting color heel, and it may because of the way the author wrote the pattern. I can’t post what the pattern says as it’ll make this post VERY long but I can post another pattern which is pretty much identical to this stocking. Unfortunately, since it’s identical - it doesn’t help answer my questions! Lightning Socks

Now for my questions:

  1. Since I’m working in pattern on the instep and sole, I’ll be carrying 2 colours of yarn (lets call MC Blue and CC White). I’m wanting to make the heel blue. Nowhere does the author write about cutting or carrying the CC with the heel flap. Which has got me confused on what to do? I believe I’ll have to carry the CC White during the heel turn since there’s a step there where I need to work in-pattern on the instep. I think I’ll need to carry the white to the end of Row 1 of the Heel Turn, drop it, and then pick it up on Row 9 (the row not numbered… the one right after completing Row 8). Then, I think I’ll need to cut the CC right before making the heel flap and then reattach a new string of CC after the flap is completed and before making the leg.

  2. Also, I’m confused about the part where it talks about the sole now having 64 sts after Row 8 of the Heel Turn (before starting the heel flap). Where did those 64 sts come from? People have mentioned that the author didn’t write about picking up the w&t’s, so I’m assuming it comes from that. Is this what I do?.. [I]After Row 8, knit to the end (56 sts of the sole) in MC Blue, pick-up 4 w&t’s in MC Blue (while carrying the CC white behind… which was picked-up when I dropped it after carrying it to the end of Row 1), knit 28 sts of the instep in-pattern, drop/cut CC White, pick-up 4 w&t’s in MC Blue…[/I] for a total of 64 sts of the sole portion (56 sts + 8 sts from the w&t’s on both sides of the sole)… Then, after picking-up the last 4 w&t’s, I start the heel flap by knitting 45 sts, SSK, turn… and so forth. Or, do you think I’ll only knit 41 sts in this row since I included 4 sts from the just picked-up w&t’s? … Argggh! pulls hair

  3. After completing the Heel Flap… the pattern just jumps to “repeat Rows 2 and 3 until you have 30 back/sole sts… start knitting in pattern until leg measures…”. How do I attach the heel flap to the rest of the sock? Wouldn’t there be a huge gap from the heel flap to the portion of the foot that has already been knitted? Also, I’m assuming this where I reattach the new string of CC white.

Sorry if my questions don’t make complete sense - I’m trying to transfer my thoughts into writing… which I’m not always the greatest at. If you need clarification in what I’m saying, please make a comment and I’ll try to word it better! Also, feel free to PM for the actual stocking pattern of the heel turn & heel flap if it helps you visual my questions better!

It’s hard for me to answer questions without reading the pattern and being able to work through it myself. I am a visual person.

I knit a Christmas stocking for my husband several years ago. When I got to the heel since it was not intended to be worn I knit in a waste yarn then came back and put the heel in so there was no gusset.

Good Luck !

It’s good to read through the pattern to make sure that you understand the overall idea. However, there are some things that become clearer as you knit and have the stitches on the needles in front of you.

  1. Leave the yarn at the beginning of row 1 where it will be available to you to start row 9, the unnumbered row. I would also leave the yarn attached at the heel flap and see if it’s necessary to cut it. If it has to be cut, it’ll be clear and you can always do so before continuing in pattern.
  2. The 8sts come from the KFB, knit front and back increase not from the W&T. The W&T won’t generate extra sts, just a wrap or collar around a single stitch. Follow the directions for the heel flap as given (knit 45).
  3. The heel flap continues with the directions for the repeat of rows 2 and 3 until there are 30sts once again for the back. Again, see how that looks on the needles before deciding how the heel flap works. This video may help with the turn and the heel flap.
    These are wonderful looking stockings and are such a fine idea for Christmas. Good for you for starting early!