Need help with the Truffle Clutch pattern...Picot Trim


I’m knitting the Truffle Clutch from YARN Magazine. I’ve gotten to the “Picot Trim” and it’s got me a bit stumped. I cast on all the stitches on the circular as it said…and I don’t see how that’s not gonna make a circle of material instead of a trim. I also didn’t understand the “pass remaining stitches from right needle to left” step…isn’t that…all the stitches since the needle is a circle?

I is confuzzed. Can anyone make sense of this for me?

Here’s the pattern:

You’re not joining the stitches, you’re using the circ for flexibility and length, but are knitting back and forth. Pick up the stitches with the right side facing, then you’re going to turn your work and knit that row across.

Treat your needles as if they are separate when they refer to left and right needle and follow the next directions. I can’t really make them clearer than they already are.

OHHHHHHH…crap. I know what I did…I started knitting at the wrong end. Duh. Ok, I think I get it now. Hmm…wish I didn’t rip out the 81 picked up stitches.

Thanks Ingrid. I know the directions are clear but sometimes I’m just…well…“Light dawns on marble head.” Heh.