Need help with the "The Wonderful Wallaby"

I am knitting “The Wonderful Wallaby” pattern; I have fused the pouch, and have knitted 15" for the body of the sweater. Here’s where I’m confused (I’m writing this exactly like this portion of the pattern is written):

K one more rnd k 5, sts past right marker then put preceding 10 sts on a holder or piece of yarn to be woven to underarm sleeve sts later. Repeat for left side. K acr front over to right underarm (as if you are wearing sweater). End at right underarm. Place a pin at top of sweater next to right underarm to designate a new beg of rnd point.

What does this first sentence mean? Does it mean to knit a complete round and then start another round with k 5 sts past right marker? Also, how can you put the preceding sts on a holder after you’ve knit 5 sts past marker? Is this written correctly?



yes, you knit one more round, plus 5 stitches past the marker. you are putting 10 stitches on a holder to save for the underarm, which will be grafted later. the significance of ‘5’ is that you are splitting the 10 stitches equally over the middle (side seam area).

clear as mud? i’ve just finished my second wallaby so i’ll be glad to try to explain differently if that didn’t make sense. i just adore this pattern. it’s so very clever. i graft the underarms as well as the top of the hood so it is totally and completely seamless. i just love it!

Let me get this straight–you knit one complete round and knit past first 5 stitches (which is the right side when I look at it with the ribbing facing me). Then, I put the next 10 stitches on a holder, knit to the second marker (which is the left side, when I look at it with the ribbing facing me), knit 5 stitches past the left marker, put the next 10 stitches on a holder. This brings me to the back of my sweater–so, I knit across the back. Then, the pattern states to knit across the front over to the right underarm (as if you are wearing it) and end at the right underarm. Is this correct or do I have my right and left markers confused?



not the NEXT ten stitches. the LAST ten stitches. :wink: the last 10 you just knit.

you are slipping the 10 underarm stitches onto a holder to be grafted later.

Thanks, I think I’ve got it now. For some reason, I was confused by which stitches you put on a holder. Seems simple now.


none of the below statements are really helpful. which is the right side – as you are looking at the sweater, or as you are wearing it. the pattern doesn’t say anything about breaking the yarn, but when you go to put the sleeves in, it is a problem. the pattern is cute but badly written, at least for people like me who need clarity.

The right side is the outside of the sweater people will see when you are wearing it.

Sorry, I can’t help with breaking the yarn question, I don’t have the pattern.

Maybe someone can help if you type out exactly what row or 2 you are having trouble with.

Susan 777, it is the right side of the sweater as if you were wearing it. Am working on my second wallaby and find the instructions confusing at times. Good luck! Linknit41