Need help with Tea Cozy please :)


I’m an experienced knitter but have never made a tea cozy in the round before…

Currently I am working on 3 DPN’s with 24 stitches on each needle.

The following section of my pattern reads as follows:

R20: Split rd at back for the handle, at the same time increase 4 sts evenly across row (=76 sts) (Do I do this using a 4th DPN?)

R21-25: Continue to knit in stst rows for another 5 rows (Does this include all the DPN’s? How do you maintain the split?)

Thanks for all your help and advice in advance!

Happy knitting!

Yes, if your stitches are on 3 needles, you’d use the 4 needle in your right hand to work the stitches.
In order to maintain the split, you’ll be knitting back and forth instead of in the round. Knit from the split around till you come to the split again and then turn as you would at the end of the row and purl back on the same stitches. Continue to alternate knit and purl rows until you’ve worked the total number of rows needed.
These tea cozies are such a great idea!

Thanks, that makes sense and worked beautifully.

Now this next section… I understand that I have to work the front separate from the back, but not really sure how to go about casting off and separating the proper stitches to the stitch holder… maybe it’s the way it’s worded?

The pattern states:

R26: When the front reaches the spout split piece in half at the front. CONTINUE BOTH HALVES
SEPERATELY. Cast off first two sts at spout end in first row, and at the beginning of every following
alternate row, leave the first st on a separate needle or stitch holder


It puzzles me too. It could be just the single stitch left on the right needle from the cast off that goes on the stitch holder (or it could mean the single middle stitch at the split between front and back at the spout). I’d read ahead and see what it says to do with the stitch or stitches on the holder. That may make it easier to figure out what to do here.
Can you post a link to the pattern or give the pattern name?

I was able to find an email for the creator of the pattern and she clarified that the piece gets split again not front to back, but on each side of the spout and that the reserved stitches on the holder get knitted back in at the end - which wasn’t really included clearly in the pattern.

Thanks for your advice :slight_smile:


Great! Good idea to write to the designer and nice that you got such a timely reply. I think we’d all love to see a picture of the finished cozy.

Definitely, I was also impressed I got such a quick and very detailed reply. I’ve attached a pic of this cute cozy for you to see what I’m working towards :slight_smile:

Oh, goodness, that’s adorable! Enjoy finishing up yours.

How fun! I hope the rest goes smoothly for you.

Awww! That’s so cute!

Hello! I’m working on the same pattern. When it splits at the spout, do I work one side and then the other? I’m not an experienced knitter, but I love this cozy and like a challenge! Thanks! :joy:

My finished product… :slight_smile: