Need help with sweater pattern!

Hello everybody!

I am in the process of knitting my first sweater and am slightly confused by some the pattern, and some help would be GREATLY appreciated!

Well, first of all while doing the armhole part (which I’ll put below) There seems to be a little gap where my yarn is being pulled almost from the stitches on a holder. It looks like if I were to cut it it would make a circle again like it should, but obviously that’s scary!

Here is the front armhole shaping that I was talking about above:
BO 3 sts, K84 (85 sts on the needle). Slip the remaining 88 sts on a holder for back. BO 3 sts at the beginning of the next row. Work in stockinette for 14 rows, and dec 1 st at each end of the next and every following alternate row; 68 sts. Work even until the front measures approx. 51 cm / 20" (armhole measures approx. 16 cm / 6¼"), ending after a WS row.

Other than that, this part seems to be going okay…

But the next part is intimidating!

Neck shaping
Work neck shaping for the two sides separately at both neck edges.

​Next row (RS): K27, slip the next 14 sts to a holder. Join a second ball of yarn and K the remaining 27 sts. BO 3 sts once, 2 sts twice, and 1 st twice on every other row at the neck edge. Repeat for the other side, reversing shaping; 18 sts per side.

Does this make sense to anyone? Thanks for any help!

Welcome to KH!
I don’t understand about the yarn making a circle again. Maybe a photo would help.

As for the neck shaping, you need not work both sides or shoulders at the same time. K27 and slip all the remaining sts to holders, one with the next 14, one with the remaining second shoulder sts.
You’ll have the 27sts you just knit on the needles. Turn and bind off 3sts, work to the end of the row (the armhole edge), turn and work to the neck edge. Turn and bind off 2sts then continue to finish off the row and the next. Every time you begin a wrong side row at the neck edge bind off the given number of sts: 2sts the next time, one stitch the next time and one stitch again at the following wrong side neck edge.
What is the name of your pattern?

Yes that makes sense I think!! Thank you!

And here’s a photo of what I mean about that weird little gap yarn, I also will link the pattern. Thanks!

Sorry it’s sort of hard to show… the metal needles are what I’m using as a holder and the wooden ones are what I’ve been knitting on while doing the front armhole shaping… as you can sort of see in the photo there’s that one strand of yarn that makes it seem like

OK, you don’t want that strand across what will be the front. Unfortunately it doesn’t look long enough to be able to cut in half and secure the two ends.

The directions want you to bind off 3sts, knit across and turn as if you were at the end of a row. The working yarn is ready to bind off 3sts and continue the row. The unworked sts can go on a holder for the back. Don’t knit across them. That way there won’t be a strand across the front.

Your knitting looks so lovely and even. It’s worth taking out the front down to the split of front and back if you don’t think the short strand at the gap can be cut and secured.

Looks like it was JUST long enough for me to tie the strands off! So now it’s looking good, and should be easier to work with from here on out! Thank you so much for your help!

Oh, wonderful! I’m glad you made that work. The ends can also be secured in the seams.
Please post a photo when you finish!

Hello again!

I unfortunately have not had much time to work on this recently, and now I am realizing that I have another question!

So back to the neck shaping… it says to K27 and then slip 14 stithes onto a holder, but I’m not seeing anything that says what to do with those stitches after? Am I being silly?!

Thank you so much!

Not at all, that’s a good question.
Look under Neckband or Finishing and there might be instructions for the neckband including the 14 held sts.