Need help with slipping all stitches


I am trying to make these adorable booties for a friend and was going along fine until I came to the first row of the top where it says “slip all stitches with yarn in front”. I slipped them all but just wound up with them on the other needle with my yarn on the wrong end. Please help! Thanks!!

ok, I think I just figured it out. I am guessing it is not actually a row, but letting me know how to slip the stitches in the following rows. I’ll go try it and see. Thanks :happydance:

Right, you don’t slip [I]all[/I] the sts at once, the direction is telling you that [I]when[/I] you slip A stitch, slip it with the yarn in front.

I love your question and that you figured it out … It made me smile because I have done the same thing, trying so hard to follow each and every instruction !