Need help with shedir

Ok, here goes. I need to make this smaller by omitting repeats I would imagine. I want to size it for a preemie, so somewhere around 80 sts or so.

Can someone please walk me through what it takes to ‘resize’ a pattern like that? Please keep in mind that I like to write out my patterns.


I’m not sure what a shedir is! :slight_smile: Can you give some info on that or if there is a link to the pattern or a picture of it, can you please post it?

It’s a hat, found in this pdf

The chart pattern repeats over 36 sts, so you’d probably want to leave off one of them. 128 sts minus 36 is 92. The gauge is 36 sts/4.125" so that should be fine for a premie hat.

That’s it? It’s that easy, to size it down? I thought it would be harder! So I just need to follow the pattern as stated, but with less stitches and less repeats. Cool!

Yep, that’s it. Hopefully using 92 sts won’t make it too big.

I actually think I may try it smaller yet, with fewer repeats, because I have heard that it is REALLY stretchy. Will keep updating ravelry, hopefully.

One of my friends made a “baby version” of this hat and she got her mods from this blogger’s post:

Check it out!

For a premie hat, I think I would do less repeats by at least two. I’m using a little bit bigger guage (thicker yarn…) on my current one, but it’s ending up plenty big for an adult head with one less repeat and the yarn isn’t THAT much thicker…
I love this hat, I made myself one that is way too big but I pretty much put it on the first time it gets chilly in fall and don’t take it off (except to carefully wash sometimes) until it warms up in spring. And yes, it is VERY stretchy.
You might also try using a smaller guage, so that you can keep more of the cables that give it that really delicate look while sizing it down… I love the baby version linked above but the cables start to look a little chunky and squashed in such a small version.