Need help with raglan

Hi , I am making (hopefully) an aran sweater for my 2 yr old grandson. It’s my first attempt at one. I worked the back ok , but now the pattern says ;
[B]shape raglan[/B]
cast off 2 stitches at the beginning of the next two rows. Dec 1 st. at both ends of every row until 58 sts. remain. Now dec 1 st at both ends of next 2 rows, than work 1 row straight. repeat last 3 rows until 18 sts remain.
my question is – ssk or k2tog?? The pattern doesn’t say how to decrease. Thanks for any help.

If it was me, I’d do a SSK at the beginnings of the right side rows and K2tog and the ends of the right side rows. Are you working in stockinette stitch? Just wondering because you’re decreasing at both ends of ALL rows for the first bit, so some of those would be on WS rows. If you’re doing stockinette then on the wrong side rows do P2tog at the beginning of wrong side rows and SSP at the end of wrong side rows.

Yes I am working in stockinette stitch. Thanks for the help , I really appreciate it. Now it all seems to make sense. Thanks again ( i am sooo happy now ! )