Need help with provisional cast on

After pu 2 stitches from a crochet chain, I knit 7 rows then pu 3 stitches from the garter edge. So that makes 2 stitches on left needle and 3 stitches on right needle. Do I transfer the stitches from right needle to the left?? I’m supposed to then pu and knit the 2 live stitches from crochet chain afterwards.
Also, I’m supposed to be on RS when done, but ended on WS!! Why is that :frowning:
Let me know if this doesn’t make sense.

Thank you!!

Also, I should add that the pattern is called “Roma shawl” on ravelry

After you knit the 7 rows, the working yarn is at the point of the needle and you would use that yarn to pick up sts onto the same needle, so all the sts would be on the same needle. You’re then ready for the next directions.
If you start row 1 on the RS then row 7 is also on the RS and you’ll end with sts to knit onto the WS.

When you knit the 7 rows, the 2 sts are on the R needle then you pick up the 3 along the edge of the 7 rows, then 2 from the cast on stitches (unzip the crochet chain). That gives you 9 sts for the beginning of the shawl.