Need help with Pooh!

I’m hoping someone can help me with Pooh from this old Leisure Arts booklet.

I am so stuck on Row 17. “Working in sc behind same leg”… I assume that means work stitches on the body? “Chain 9.” Why? Following rounds have the same thing in decreasing numbers but I don’t see where those chains are used!

I don’t think I’ve ever been so stumped by pattern directions and sure hope someone can tell me how to proceed! Thanks!

Hope those pictures aren’t too large. I’m on my iPad and don’t know how to resize them.

You’re not the only person confused by these directions. There are many complaints on Ravelry, some with very helpful suggestions.
The Chain 9 is to get you to the other side of the leg. See this project for some very helpful notes:

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Thank you so much! Those notes do help. It does make a bit more sense now, though not a lot, but hopefully it’ll make more sense as I actually work through it.