Need help with picking up stitches

Hi All!!

I’ve done a couple of afghans and would now like to try dressing it up a bit with really nice edging.

Problem is I have no idea how exactly to “pick up stitches” on a finished project. Do I do it through the whole stitch, half a stitch, etc. I have no idea and all the books I read just get me more confused.

Please HELP!!! Any advice will be greatly appreciated.

If you’re picking up along the cast-on or bind-off edge, then pick up one stitch in each knitted stitch.

On the side, the vertical stitches are longer than the horizontal ones you’re putting on, so you have to skip some. Usually picking up 3 our of 4, or 4 out of 5 works. You have to experiment a bit.

It’s best to do it where you are picking the stitch up through two or more strands of yarn, because if you pick up under just one, it will usually stretch out too much.

Amy has a video on picking up stitches here: If you scroll down, it’s under assorted topics. Good luck :smiley:

Both folks gave good advice. If the video doesn’t show exactly where to place the stitches on the sides of the piece, just remember you are working from the most public side (with an afghan they see everything), and put them where they look good. You can take them out and try more than once if need be (you can take out few or many and do them over). Trial and error will teach you a lot. Picking up the stitches will make a small seam that you may not be thrilled with since both sides will show.