Need Help with pattern


Left Leg

Beg at waist, co87 Did that…
knit first row, did that
work 2 rows in St sts… ok I am taking this as a total of 4 rows, k1 row, p 1 row, k 1 row and p 1 row.
Am I right or am I to just purl after the first row and then knit again to have a total of 3 rows.

I hope this is not confussing. Well it is to me but who am I but a beginner.

Two rows are two rows, period. So if you did your first knit row and then need to do 2 rows in st st, you would purl one row and knit one row for a total of 3 rows so far. A knit row does not need a purl row in order to make it a complete row of stockinette stitch.


well thanks…

the next row says to knit again then and I thought maybe that would have a ridge along it.

I guess I will just frog it and start over.

Okay, I see where the confusion is after looking at the pattern.

It says:

Beg at waist, cast on 87 (93-101-115-127) sts.
Beg with a knit row, work 2 rows in stocking st.

I think you took it to mean begin with a knit row and then work 2 rows stst. It is actually only telling you to work 2 rows total. Where it says ‘beg with a knit row’ it is just specifying whether you are beginning your st st with a knit row or a purl row (it does make a difference).

So all you’re doing for this instruction is:
Row 1: Knit
Row 2: Purl

Now that is why you are called the KNITQUEEN!!! :cheering:

THANKS :hug:

Here is the pattern and picture of the pants.

Calling all Vetran Knitters

I am stuck once again on this pattern.

I am working in St st.

The pattern reads as follows…

Inc 1 st each end of next and following alt rows twice.
Purl 1 row.

Now I finished with a purl as indicated in previous instructions.

My question is do I just increase on the knit row at beginning and end twice?

Your previous instruction ended with a purl row so you are all set to increase on the knit side. When it says to inc 1 st each end of next and following alt rows twice, that’s just another way of saying every other row for a total of 2 increase rows. So starting on a knit row you will:

inc 1 st each end of knit row
purl 1 row
inc 1 st each end of knit row
purl 1 row

That will finish off this set of instructions.

Wow that was a fast reply,

I was just coming to edit as I read on, there was more confusion. Sorry if you are hating this about now.

I’ve CO 87 st to start project…

adding 4 st with the increase I had mentioned…

totaling 91 stitches.

Next instructions

CO 5 knit to end of row
CO 3 purl to end of row.
Place a marker at beg of row. 101 sts.

Cont even until work from marked row measures 3 ins, ending with a purl row.

Now I am missing 2 sts somewhere, and maybe just maybe you can see where I have missed them.

No matter how many times I count I will not end up with 101.

This is exactly what the pattern says.

Hmm, you’re right. The only thing I can think of is that the ‘every following alt rows TWICE’ means twice more, in addition to the first increase row for a total of 3 increase rows. That would get you to the right stitch count.

Ahhh that makes sense, I will try that.

I tell you when these patterns say easy…

They mean easy for someone who has knitted for more than 5 years. :roflhard:

The knitting of it is easy, it’s the figuring out of the pattern! Learning to read knitting patterns at first is like learning a new language. You’ll get the hang of it soon enough, and don’t be afraid to keep asking questions cause that’s how you learn, and we’re all willing to help! :hug:

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Thanks so much, I think if I did not join this forum I would have tons of yarn all curled from froggin my work…

This is a saver for all new knitters… :heart:

That’s how I read it. After the first increase row, inc every other row two more times.


You would think the company would just write it like that instead of making people like me confussed. :wall:

Here we go again.

Maybe I should check the whole pattern before carrying on… But this is the next step of confussion.

Shape inseam:
Dec 1 st each end of next and following 10th rows to 73 sts.

What the heck does that mean???

First off, you will do a decrease row where you dec 1 stitch at each edge. If it is going to be seamed, it works best to not do the decreases immediately at the edge, rather one stitch in - it makes seaming easier. So for your decrease row you would K1, K2tog then knit until you have 3 stitches remaining, K2tog and end with a K1.

Now it is telling you to repeat that decrease row every following 10th row until you have 73 stitches remaining. So if you call your first decrease row (the one we described above), row 1, then every 10th row following that would be row 11, row 21, row 31, row 41, etc., until you reach 73 stitches remaining. Then you would move onto the next set of instructions.

You know I have made a few things in the past now.
Sweater (mind you still in parts as a bit nervous putting them together)
Prayer Shawl
Head Band
Baby socks

But with this pattern I am having a time understanding…
So Thank You so much for helping.

Hi all
Back with this pattern :wall:

Just to update…working on left pant leg of camo pants. Had problems with the instructions…

I was to decrease 1 st beg in end of every 10th row to 73 sts rem.

Then work in even till leg measures 301/2 in. Ending with a knit row.

Ok my question on this… I have reached 35 in. to get to the 73 sts rem… :??

The next part insturctions reads as follows and confusses me MORE!!

(WS) (Fold Line). Knit.
Beg with a knit row, work 8 rows stocking st. Cast off

What the hell is Fold Line??? :wall: :wall:

What did I get myself into, what have I done to get 35 inches before I was even to continue to reach 301/2.

OMG!!! :grrr:

The way you have it written out above, you have ‘dec 1st at beg in end of…, etc.’, I don’t know if that was just a typo or not but it should be to decrease at the beg AND end of each 10th row. Just making sure that you decreased at both ends of each decrease rows. If not, that could account for why it took you so many more inches to reach the right stitch count.

As for the fold line. It is so you can make a hem at the bottom of the pantlegs. By doing a knit row on the WS you are making a garter stitch ridge on the RS. This is where you will fold under to sew the hem in place, once finished.