Need help with pattern

Okay so I am sitting watching TV the other day and thought I am going to cast on some stiches and practice doing knitting and especially purling in the round. So I get going and say hey this could make something like say a round knitted tea cozy. So I have about 2 1/2 " or so knitted and I get out my tea pot to measure and it looks like now would be a good place to make a hole for the spout. Here is my problem…how do I do it, do I cast off enough stitches for the hole or do I do a button hole thingy and if so how. This is just an experiment so if it doesn’t work out exactly that is fine but I would like to try to get a hole in there somehow.
Thanks in advance for any help :hug:

You could BO the stitches on the current row and then cast them back on when you get there on the next round. OR:

Here’s what I’m doing for “afterthought heels” on my sock.

When you come to the stitches you want to pick up later, use waste yarn and knit across those stitches. Then, turn and knit BACK across those stitches so that you can pick up your original color. Leave about a 6-8" tail on the waste yarn. When you are done with the rest of the teapot, pick up the live stitches (picking up one leg of each stitch) and pull out the waste yarn. Then you can either BO those stitches or you can knit a “spout” into the cozy (I’d knit a spout :teehee: ).

Thanks!!! :happydance: