Need help with pattern

I’m making these baby booties and having a hard time reading the pattern. How can you k stitches and then leave them unworked? The next step of this pattern says K27 and leave unworked.

Shape Instep
Next Round: K27 and leave unworked, k12, leave remaining 15 sts unworked. Next Row: Turn and p12.

Decrease Row: Turn, knit first st together with first unworked st, k10, slip last st, knit next unworked st, pass slip st over – 12 sts. Repeat last 2 rows 9 more times, work to end of round on last row – 34 sts. Continue to work in rounds around all sts for 4 rounds.

Any help is appreciated.

That first “leave unworked” is really not needed. Kniit 27 then k12, turn and purl 12. You’ll be leaving sts at each end unworked.

How many stitches are on your needles?