Need Help with Pattern Translation

I found a free download pattern but it was only in German — help!
Any ideas before I go out looking for a needle-totin’ bi-lingual grandma? Thanks.

Can you tell us the name of the pattern, please? It’s possible it’s already been translated somewhere. I can check Ravelry.

Hi, the only info I could get was from an ebay listing stating it was a rare pattern and the picture showed it was from a book or magazine called Schachenmayr Inspiration. The pattern is for Scandanavian Gnomes made with Regia yarn. The pattern sold on ebay for approx. $30 Canadian and I think that’s way too much $ to spend. I found a free download of it - only it’s in German.
Any info you can give me would be appreciated.

What is the url for the german tranlsation? Sometimes you can figure it out through a translation page.

Can you post the text or pm it to me? My grandfather spoke German and it’s possible I remember enough to translate it if it’s not terribly difficult.

I tried a few different translation sites and it didn’t help. I think I need someone who can read German and also who knows knitting lingo. I am also trying to find the pattern in English if it still exists somewhere out there. Thanks, Janet

I will try to find a way to send the file to you. Do you know how to do this?

Hi, again. The website I went to to get the free pattern was and then I clicked on the free download link. I hope you can figure it out - that would be great - and thanks for trying.

Hi again. I wondered if you got my reply and if so did you check out the german gnome pattern link I sent to you. This pattern is on ebay but is selling for crazy $$$. I really want it but not willing to sell my house to get it! Thanks, again. Janet

I really wish I could help. But it’s more complex than I can manage. The way things are phrased makes it difficult to decipher with all the knitting abbreviations mixed in. And they must be using abbreviations I’m not familiar with. Plus I’ve come across a couple works I can’t even get an online translator to translate. It’s simply beyond me.

Why don’t you find a German teacher at a local high school or college and see if they can help? You could provide them with a list of common knitting terms in English and their abbreviations, which might give them what they need to translate it for you. Or they might offer it as extra credit for one of their students.

I’m sorry I couldn’t be more help. Good luck!

Thanks for having a look. I’ll keep checking. Have a great day.