Need help with needle size

I have a pattern that calls for 5.0 mm needles using Knit picks comfy bulky. Pattern says 16 sts equals 4" I have so much yarn I want to use what I have. I have some worsted weight Galway gauge is us 8 needles equals 5 sts per inch. Could someone tell me what size needles to use for the pattern guage? Thanks

8s are 5.0 mm. Try a swatch and see what you actually get. I’d be knitting really tight to get 5/inch on 8s, but most people knit a lot tighter than me. If the 8s won’t work, try a 9 or 10 and see if you like the way the fabric looks and feels.

Does the size of the finished item matter a whole lot? If it doesn’t matter that much, you should be good to go.

Its gloves so it will matter on the size. I’ll do a swatch and see how it turns out. Thanks so much!

Maybe it would work out better to find a pattern for gloves done in worsted weight. You can look on Ravelry and there should be some free patterns to choose from.