Need help with my first V-neck in the round!

Hi all!
I’m new at knitting but definitely a fan for life now. I’ve just ordered Elizabeth Zimmerman’s books and videos, but in the meantime, I’m stuck trying to make a vest V-neck in the round. What is the simplest way to do this? I read about steeks and quite frankly, I’m scared to death to try it! Thanks! Julie

You [I]could [/I]do a steek–they’re not fatal, after all.:teehee:

However, if you want to avoid that step for now, you can work in the round until you get to the V neck and then divide your work for the fronts and back and work those back and forth. Have one section at a time on your needles and keep the others on waste yarn.

Thank you, Ingrid. I’m suspecting you are “Queen Ingrid” from the video section showing us how not to fear the steeks. Is that right? If I divide the work, I will have seams and I think that would defear the whole round needle concept. So, if steeks it is I must try, it shall be so. I’ll try! Thank you so much! How great to have you to emulate with! Julie

Well, unless you want to steek it, you have to have a place for the armholes. Since it’s a vest with no sleeves, there won’t be any seams. Knit in the round to the underam, then work the back flat - knit back and forth. Then go to the front sts and start them flat, but about an inch or so from the underam (depends how deep you want the V) separate them and decrease at the neck edges. The only seams might be the shoulders, but you can do a 3 needle BO on them.