Need help with moss stitch in pattern

Ive never worked in moss stitch before and “begin with purl” is throwing me off even more Could someone make this part of the pattern clearer for me please?

“With size 10 needles and col#003 Givre, c/o 22 sts.
Work 1 1/4” in 2/2 rib, ending with a WS row. Next row, beg pattern.

Row 1 (RS) K16 then beg with a P, Moss St over 6
Row 2 (WS) Moss St over 6, P to end of row.

Work even in patt as set until front measures same as back to underarm, end with a RS row.

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Usually moss stitch is a two row repeat (rows 1&2 are k1p1 and row 3&4 are p1k1) but it depends on how your pattern defines it. So for this definition of moss, begin with p1k1 on row 1 and on row 2 work the stitches as they appear (knit the Vs and purl the loops). On row 3 you’ll begin the moss with k1p1 and row 4 is work the stitches as they appear.

Once you get started and can see the pattern you should be fine.

Thank you!! Looks right!