Need help with meaning of "knit under the stitch"

Hi, I’m trying to make a scarf with a waffle stitch. For one of the rows I’m supposed to knit1 and then knit under and getting the knit under has me confused. Can anyone explain it to me as a beginner? :knitting:

Do you mean “Knit 1 below”? Is “knit under” the exact words they use?

You are right. The exact words are" knit 1 below". It was explained to me how to do it but when I got home I couldn’t seem to get it right. I need a simple and clear explanation. All help is appreciated. Many thanks for taking the time to respond.

There’s a video on this on the video pages of KnittingHelp.

Here it is also explained:

thanks so much for your help. I couldn’t find the video on this site…do you know what category it is under…sorry to bother you again!

On this site I found it by going to the “Glossary” (on one of the purple tabs above). Then scroll down to k-b. She links to the video there.

thanks so very much…I found it and your help was so appreciated!!! Now I’m going to give it a try again.

I see that two people have helped me find a video so thanx to merigold and valpuri, and heatherg for helping me to clarify