Need Help with Marsan Watchcap pattern

here’s the pattern:
from knittingpatterncentral.

I’m at “row 23” the turn…I’ve slipped the stitch, brought the yarn to the front and returned the stitch back to the left needle. However, I’m not sure I understand the direction to “Push your knitting through the middle of the needles”.

I don’t know what that means…or how it makes the yarn be in the back of the work, cuz right now it’s in the front. I understand that it’s turning it inside out basically…so, am I just flipping the needles around so that the right needle is now the left and vice versa…and knitting in the other direction?

Sounds like you’ve got the right idea.

hmmm, ok. So really, there doesn’t seem to be any pushing of the knitting through the center of the needles. I’m just turning the whole mess around “backwards”?

I must have misunderstood what you were saying. You do push your work up through the needles and flip the whole thing over. It does turn the work that you’ve done inside out and now your working on the other side. I gather that the yarn will be in the right place for you to start.

I think I get it now…I"m literally turning the tube inside out, that’s what pushing up thru the needles means? So now, I’ve flipped the tube inside out and what was once on the inside as i was knitting, is now facing me and is the outside.

Thanks, Ingrid. There’s always some very small detail in the way you phrase things that make these directions make much more sense. :lol:

Good! Glad you got it. :thumbsup:

never mind! Found Amy’s SSK video

Heh…I have a feeling i wayyyyyy over think these patterns :wink:

I finally finished my Marsan Watchcap. It’s teeeeeeeny! I don’t know what happened :frowning: I followed the pattern and yarn and stuff.

It looks great, except for the fact that it’s baby sized. Oh well…live and learn!

Gauge, gauge, gauge.

Gauge, gauge, gauge.

Yep, but this pattern doesn’t really have a gauge. Love those patterns that say the gauge doesn’t matter. Then my lazy butt can make up an excuse for not knitting a gauge swatch, heh. But like she said, now I’ve knit one with the pattern and I know how it comes out. It’s beautiful, just small. Next time around I’ll pop on 8 more stitches and see what’s what.

I managed to stretch it out to a somewhat reasonable size with a good blocking, but the men in my family have HUUUUGE noggins. I’ll have to pass this one onto a younger cousin. :smiley: