Need help with Kitchener Stitch

I’ve watched the video three times and followed pattern in book (Which doesn’t have the purl/knit start- just knit and off for first stitch) but each time I am getting what looks like purl bumps- not knit stitch. I have wrong sides facing and it is the end of a baby booty. It does not look invisible.

Has anyone had this issue? Any idea what I am doing wrong? If I reverse the pattern, would it maybe fix the issue?

You need right sides facing for kitchener stitch. Here’s a couple more tutorials that may help. I find that sometimes having it said a different way makes all the difference.

The right side is facing me, but purl bumps are sandwhiched in together just like in all of the links. The knit picks link is like what I followed in the pattern but either way I get what looks like purl bumps. I guess I will take it out one more time and try again.

The only thing I can think is that you are inserting the needle incorrectly or removing the wrong stitch. :think:

That must be it. But I am consistant. I have now done the toe 5 times and each time I get bumps. I even tried looking at it and doing it step by step, but it is hard with the live stitches. I have woven bound off stitches before and done a 3 needle bind off just fine. This darn toe is giving me fits. Good thing it is a bootie and not a full fledged sock!

Here is how i teach it-

Knit a swatch–about 40 stitches wide–You’ll need regular needles and 2 double pointed needle or a circ

make an edge. (5 stitches either end of garter/and 6 or more rows of garter to start)

make center stocking knit.

work about 25 rows of plain stocking knit

the take some waste yarn
Knit 10 (border +5) knit the next 10 with waste yarn,
slip waste yarn stitches back onto left needle) REKNIT with real yarn(continue the row)
(you’ll have a row with 10 waste yarn stitches in middle)

knit 4 rows of stocking knit, and repeat waste yarn procedure.
(do this 4 or 5 times… )
then a few rows of stocking knit and some garter and bind off.


take some waste yarn and in those first few row plain stocking knit, make 10 duplicate stitches…

2 rows above, do it again, and again and again…
get perfect with duplicate stitch–Learn how to go in and out of stitch and sew a perfect line of knitting

ok, then you’re at the waste yarn

Cut the waste yarn, 1 stitch at a time, and replace with duplicate stitches… (cut 1, sew 1, cut 2nd stitch undo waste yarn, replace with sewn in duplicate stitch (working from life stitches!)
[B]Repeat once [/B]

[B]Change again[/B]–
Now, cut the waste yarn (1 stitch at a time) and put the stitches onto DPN’s (or circ)

Now, work kitchener stitch (grafting) from needles! the movements are identical to duplicate stitch…

Repeat again.

doing this ([I]an evenings work[/I] to knit the swatch AND do the duplicate stitch and grafting ) and you’ll ‘get’ grafting.

(you could take a class–but why? you can teach yourself… KEY is practice, practice, practice --on a swatch, where it doesn’t matter!

i can’t understand why anyone would want to learn on a real (important!) project.

Learn on a swatch!

Thanks for the help. The bootie is not an important project- I promise. :slight_smile: Even if the toe is not perfect it is closed and will work. I figured it would be a simple small project to try it out with. I can do duplicate stitch- that is how I weave in ends and finish my stockings- so maybe I just need something a little bigger to work on than this teenie bootie. Thanks again.