Need help with k1, p1

The pattern I am working on has me casting on 44 stitches and for the first few rows, I am suposed to k1,p1 to the end of each row… I have tried and tried, but all I end up with is a very big mess, it doesnt look neat at all after I finish my first 2 rows. Am I doing something wrong, or is it the combination of the k1,p1? I am getting frustrated because I really want to do this project!! I can list more of my pattern if needed…please help!


OMG THank you… you saved me… I feel stupid becuase I have been practicing knit and purl stitches seperately ALL week (doing rows of knit, and doing rows of purl), but never realized how important it was where the working yarn lies, that was my problem and now its solved… THANK YOU so much :slight_smile:

Never feel stupid. Some things that should be obvious, you just don’t think of until someone points them out. Then you say “doh” and carry on.

Don’t feel stupid at all. When I first started knitting regularly, I did some things that I later found out were big problem areas for ‘most’ new knitters, and which I didn’t find that bad. I’ve found that some the simpler things cause me more grief sometimes.

When I first started knitting, I thought you were supposed to slip the second stitch of the row to make a neat edge. All my scarves have this weird lacy edging :teehee:

No, don’t feel stupid. This is a common mistake and really baffling, at least I know it was for me when I did the same thing many long years ago. LOL

Don’t feel stupid, everyone has to learn, and I highly doubt that you could invent a mistake ALL of us haven’t made at some point.

I’m just starting out, also, and the whole k1 p1 thing gave me the same proplem too! I found the posted video on a google search after days of looking for instructions that might explain why my stitches ended up looking like a bundled mess of yarn LOL I never thought to have to move my yarn from front to back for each stitch!

I remember when I was trying to K and P on the same row, too. When my teacher showed me what I was supposed to be doing with the yarn, I couldn’t believe how such a simple wrong placement could cause such havok. I must have stayed up for a least 2 hours after the house ws quiet and tried over and over.