Need help with instructions

Hello, I purchased a pattern from Annie’s Attic and although I am not a beginner knitter, you would think so. Here is the problem. After cast on, the 1st instruction says, “next row”. Then row 1, row 2, etc after that. Row 1 says RS but if I use the ‘next row’ for the 1st row, then the actual row 1 will be the WS. In other words this is how its written:
Ribbed Edge
Next row (ws) K2…blah blah
Row 1(RS) blah blah
Row 2(WS) blah blah
Why does it say ‘next row’ when there wasn’t one before it? Please help me with this. The pattern is for the Cowboy Cowl scarf in case any of you have it.

I’m by no means an expert, but my guess would be that the “next row” means that row right after you cast on which would be a WS row so that you can start the pattern with row 1 on the RS.

The first row you work after the CO isn’t always row 1, nor a RS row. Follow the instructions, it looks like the row after the CO is a ‘set up’ row, then go to row 1 and 2 which will form the pattern.

thank you …that is what I thought too. It just feels funny knitting the RS with the tail at the top.

The tail can be anywhere, different cast ons will put it on either side. If you like, when you do row 1, put a marker or piece of yarn on a stitch in the row so you know which is the RS.