Need help with instructions for child's sweater


I am new at knitting. I am now attempting to knit a sweater for my daughter but I do not understand what to do next. I have completed the back and front of the sweater and right now I am suppose to begin the neck shaping.


Decrease 1 st at neck edge, working the decrease 1 st in from the edge on every alternate row until 24 sts remain.

What kind of stitch do I do to decrease 1 st? Do I knit 2 together? If I do find out what stitch to knit, am I supposed to knit it on the very first stitch on alternate rows?

Please help, otherwise I would not be able to continue with this project. Thank you so much.

You dec a st at the neck edge every other row. Usually this is a knit or RS row, so you probably would use k2tog, or SSK, whichever looks better there.

It also says to work it “1 st in from edge, every alternating row”. So leave at least 1 st at the edge before doing the decrease. That being said, I sometimes leave 2 sts, but that’s just me.