Need help with hat

i am knitting “hat of my choice” by soule mama, and have run into a problem…cast on 67sts.on row 1 it said’s
K1,yo,K2tog repeat to end of round, row 2 is the same
but when i’m done with row 2 i have 71 st. on needle
could this be right:shrug:

I think that if you’re doing a yo, that gives you an extra stitch, but then you k2tog, so it decreases - I think you should end up with the same number of stitches. So it’s possible you made a mistake? :shrug:

Look at your stitches closely. Could you have added an extra yo somewhere OR *what happens to me sometimes) is I get a stitch that is pulled to the front or I didn’t fully drop the stitche when I made it (so have the new row’s stitch and the last row’s stitch on the needle). These usually self correct themselves when I get to them. Knit another row, watching for said “issues” and see if you come out even at the other end. If not you’ve picked up stitches somewhere.