Need Help with double-thickness earflaps


I am knitting an earflap hat…earflaps are created by decreasing from 22 stitches: wrapping and turning stitches. At the bottom on the earflap, I now have 4 stitches that have not been wrapped. However, the double-thickness is created by increasing stitches, and I do not understand the directions at all. “knit 5 sts, picking up the wrap on the 5th stitch, wrap and turn (knit)” This is what I don’t understand…"To hide the wrap on the knit side, pick up the front leg of the wrap, then the stitch on the needle ([I]This means that the next stitch will have 2 wraps - that’s ok[/I]) ]For the purl row - purl 6 sts, again picking up the wrap, wrap and turn (purl). To hide the wrap on the purl side side, pick up the back leg of the wrap, then the stitch on the needle.


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This video may help with picking up the wraps on both the knit and the purl sts. It seems that that’s what the directions are asking you to do.


Sounds like the same pattern I am trying! It is very difficult to understand these directions. I spent a whole evening with some spare wool just knitting flaps until I got it!

I know this post is several years old, but it came up when I i was looking for help!

Hope you finally got your project finished.