Need help with double knit hearts hotpad

I copied the free pattern for the double knit hearts hotpad (It looks so great I just have to make one!)

Here’s my trouble: the pattern shows only 29 sts across, but the directions call for casting on 30 double longtail! (I understand that each st in pattern represents two sts knitted…) I’m not having problems DOing the double knit part, but getting my knitting to match up to the pattern.

Also, pattern says to purl last st of each row, and then slip beginning of next row, but that also messes up the pattern, so I was thinking of adding an extra two sts for the beginning and end of each row. What do you think?

I just bought the instructional CD, Will this have answers to my problems? Anyone else have this problem?

Thanks! Sarah

there is another thread on this same topic, but niether of you gave a link to this free pattern (or to an image)

its hard to tell what is going on… (look for other thread for more info)

It’s always good to post a link when you are asking about a specific pattern because it helps others help you. Is this it?

I’m not sure why the chart only has 29 vs the 30 CO. It seems like 29 would be the correct number since you want the heart centered, but I haven’t made it so I’m not sure. Since the entire project is on the CD I think it would help clear up any any question you may have.

it is a 29 stitch pattern
and the last stitch is the Purl 2 together with both pieces of yarn (thus decreasing and increasing in the same stitch)
that is the last stitch that is not on the Pattern grid

hope this makes sense