Need help with decreasing sleeves

Hi…this pattern reads:
Work 12 rows dec 1 st st each end of every row. You will now have 54 sts. (I’m starting off with 78 sts)
Work 10 rows dec 1 st st each end of 1st and every following alternate row. You will now have 44 sts on needle. Work rows dec 1 st st each end of every row. You will now have 16 sts on needle.

Okay…my question is, when you dec, which method should I use? K2tog/P2tog?
Now…when I’m dec at the end of every row, am I dec the beginning of knit row then knit the whole knit row to end then turn and dec on purl side at beginning? When I did this, my stitch count by the end of 12 rows don’t come out. What am I doing wrong?

Also, dec on alternate rows, am I not dec on them already? I mean I’m not going to knit and purl 2 whole rows and not do any decreases am I? If so, my sleeve would be way longer than I need. What am I not understanding? Please help. :mrgreen:


In the first sectrion you are decreasing twice on every row for 12 rows, a total of 24 decreases taking you from 72 to 54.
you decrease at the begining [B]and[/B] end of [B]every[/B] row for [B]12 rows[/B], both your purl rows and your knit rows. I would use the K2tog on the knit rows and a p2tog on the purl rows.

You decrease at the begining [B]and[/B] end of [B]every other row[/B] for 10 rows (e.g. 1st 3rd 5th etc). this takes you down by anther 10 stitches to 44.

You then decrease at the begging and end of every (the knit rows and the purl rows) row until you have just 16 stitches left (i think that is 14 rows)

Thank You for your reply. I’m glad for your help. :cheering: