Need help with decreases!

I’m working on a hat for my friend and I know how to do decreases but the ones I know how to do aren’t very…pretty. They aren’t ugly, but they are just basic decreases that don’t look like any type of design. I’ve seen hats with an almost spiral-type decrease at the top that looks very professional and nice, or decreases that just have four “lines” of decreases at the top (if that makes sense), and I was wondering if anyone knew of patterns online that have some nice decreases or directions for them. I can’t seem to find them. :frowning: The top of the hat is just plain stockinette. Thanks ahead of time. :smiley:

The decs spiral because they’re done at the same place on every other row. If you have say 80 sts, you would k8, k2tog across the first dec round. Then knit a round with no decs, and on the next one k7, k2tog. Plain round, and dec round of k6, k2tog. Repeat doing one less knit st between decs. When you get to about 32 sts, do the decs every round.