Need help with cabled hat

Hello everyone! :waving:
I really want to make this hat:
but i am having issues with understanding the chart and the directions. The chart looks like all KNIT stitches but in the directions it says:

[FONT=Verdana][COLOR=red]The cable pattern I used starts with 6 stitches and increases to 12 stitches. Work [/COLOR][COLOR=red]the cable like a braid, keeping three sections of stitches (Your cable will start with [/COLOR][COLOR=red]3 sections x 2 stitches, then it will be increased to 3 sections x 4 stitches.) Cross [/COLOR][COLOR=red]the stitches over on [/COLOR]
[/FONT][LEFT][B][FONT=Verdana,Bold][COLOR=red]every other [/COLOR][/FONT][/B][FONT=Verdana][COLOR=red]right side row.This chart may help you to [/COLOR][COLOR=red]understand much better: (It is only a suggestion–you don’t have to make the ear [/COLOR][COLOR=red]flaps in this shape–also, there should be purl stitches on either side to make them [/COLOR][COLOR=red]wider.)[/COLOR][/FONT]
[LEFT]could someone please look at the chart and the instructions and help me out?
Thanks so much.[/LEFT]


The cables are knit sts and in between you have the p6 sts to separate them. That’s in this part -
“Start knitting in the round where you joined (this should be at the beginning of one of your ear flaps.) [B]P6,[/B] K12 around until the body of the hat measures 6.5 to 7” long.”

But first you start out with 6 sts for the ear flaps and that’s where you begin the chart. K6 for a couple rows (actually you’re knitting flat so you knit a row, purl a row) then on R 3 k2 and work the cable. Work in stockinette for the next 3 rows then cable and k2. Go on up the chart and after 6 inches inc 3 sts from 6 to 9. Then work the 9 sts in the cable patt - k3, cable over the next 6. Work the chart some more, then inc to 12 sts and work that cable pattern, then inc gradually as stated in the pattern, but the new sts will be in purl. When you have 24 sts there will be 12 in middle in knit for the cable, and 6 p sts on either side of it. After that go on to the body sts.

Thanks suzeeq,
I get confused because i have ALWAYS been told to “read the entire pattern” before i begin knitting! So sometimes i get WAY ahead of myself. thanks again for the clarification!

It’s good to read the pattern over before you begin, but then you start at the beginning and go one step at a time when you knit it.

OK i need more help…i am at the first increase row on the chart (9 stitches i have it marked as row 27)…i am confused as to whether i should increase on the purl row BEFORE the increase row or on the cable row itself. The instructions do not tell me where to increase or even how. I was thinking i could do a cable cast on at the begining of the row 27 but i dont know if that will work?
On another note, I really like this hat but the pattern is VERY confusing to me.

You can inc on the purl row before the cable row, or the knit row that’s between the cable rows. There’s 3 rows between each of the cables and you should do them on one of these rows. It’s probably a good idea to do 2 incs over the 4 cable sts, because those will become 6 sts to cable, and do 1 inc in the k2 sts because they will become k3. Do a kfb or m1 inc; you don’t cast on for these sts, that comes later on when you need to CO 30 for the edge of the hat.