Need help with "C2R" and "C2L"!

I found a sweater pattern that I made years ago for my daughter and now would like to duplicate it for her daughter. I just can’t seem to figure out these 2 abbreviations, can’t find a video and an stuck! It’s not a cable pattern and doesn’t say to use a cable needle. Please help!

It could be known as C4F/C4B. Unless there’s only two stitches, not 4…? In which case it might be RT and LT for right and left twist. Doesn’t the pattern explain it somewhere?

C2R: Knit the second st on the left needle, passing in front of the first st, k the first st and let both slip off left needle.

C2L: With the right needle behind the first st k the second through the front strand, k the first st in the usual way, let both sts slip off the left needle.

I found this on a website, don’t ask me what it means in actuality

I always thought it meant cable two left/right, dropping the cable needle in front or behind to get the twist… It’s been quite some time since I’ve seen that abbreviation, so I could be really, RILLY wrong.

Either of the above answers are correct, depending on whether you are using a cable needle or not. They are two stitch cables, sometimes also called a “twisted pair” - usually worked without the cable needle .

Doesn’t the pattern have a definition for you? Usually a pattern will have a key of what each stitch abbreviation means.

It’s not worked with a cable needle. I have found many descriptions of how to actually do it, but none of them look right. Here’s what the pattern says-“C2R- K into front of 2nd st on needle, then k first st., slip both sts. off needle together. C2L- K into back of 2nd st., then k. first st. as usual, slipping both sts. off needle together.” It’s the knitting into the front and knitting into the back that have me confused. Some helps have said to insert the R needle as if to purl in working that first stitch (totally doesn’t look right). I’ve also read to k the 2nd st “through the front strand”? I wish I just knew what it was supposed to look like- maybe i could figure it out. I have worked out a method that doesn’t look right (it looks like “Y’s”), but maybe that is right? I was hoping for a picture or video to solve the dilemma…

It’s a Right twist, Left twist and they can look like Ys. It may not matter whether you work into the front or back leg of either one, I wouldn’t insert the R needle as if to purl, just knit it normally. It may help you to actually use a cable needle a couple times just to see how the end result looks. For the RC slip the 1st st and hold to the back, knit the next st, then the first. For the LC, hold the first stitch to the back.