Need help with bunting pattern

I am working on this “Loving Memories Lacy Bunting”.
This is my first attempt at knitting a garment. I need some help with the FRONT shape neck part. The pattern says “At center front bind off 4 sts once, 2 sts once, then 1 st twice…”. How to do this? How is this different from binding off 8 sts?

If you bind off all the stitches at once, you’ll have a straight line of bound of edge. By doing it in steps, you’ll have a more gradual decrease at the neckline.

Make sure you bind of only at the beginning of the rows–you can’t bind off at the end of a row. So you’ll bind of the first 4 and work to the end. At the beginning of the next row you’ll bind off four and work to the end. Do the same with the 2 stitch bind offs and then do it twice each side for the one stitch bind off.

Thanks Ingrid! Now it’s all very clear. I actually visioned a curved neckline, but didn’t make the connection between that and the bind offs.