Need help with bombshell pattern

I am starting the Bombshell pattern in the Big Girls Knit book. This line in the beginning increase for the yoke has me confused. It says RS sl1,k to last st before marker then kfb,kfb four times.Does this mean do a double inc before each marker or should you kb sl marker kfb. I,m confused.

You only have one st before the marker, so you would kfb in that one, and kfb in the stitch after it. Then knit to the stitch before the next marker, kfb, sl m, kfb, and so on. A lot of patterns don’t say to slip the marker, it’s understood that you will whenever you come to them. Raglan sweaters have 2 incs at each marker, on both sides of it.

thank you sezeeq It looks like if I do that, the back wil be as deep as the front. Maybe I am overthinking this .I guess I will continue and see what happens when I join into a round

You begin with the stitches around the neck and 4 markers are placed to show where the front, the back and 2 sleeves are. Where the sections meet is the increase raglan lines are.

If you want the back higher, only cast on enough sts for the back and 2 sleeves and 1 for each of the fronts. Knit a few rows flat, doing increases at the markers on every RS row as well as an inc at the beginning and end of the row. After a couple of inches, then Cast on stitches at the end of a RS row and join it to the sts at the other front for the front neck. At that point you should have the same number of stitches on the front as for the back. Here’s a tutorial that shows the method I described which is probably not the same as your pattern.