Need help with baby hat pattern

Hi! Just joined this forum.

Can someone help me out with about how many stitches I’d need to cast on to make a ribbed baby hat with 2x2 ribbing for a preemie-newborn size with worsted weight yarn on US 10 straight needles?
Usually I can kind of figure it out, but because ribbing is stretchy, it’s trickier.

If someone has a pattern for this, it would be a lot of help! :stuck_out_tongue:

Size 10 needles are really large for worsted weight yarn. I make hats all the time and I use a US 7 and do magic loop. Are your needles DPN or are you planning to knit flat and seam? I’ll see what I can find.

Maybe you could make this one work? It uses smaller needles though. I suggest you do a gauge swatch and then figure out how many to cast on for your gauge based on the measurements.

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I’m using Red Heart With Love yarn and the Red Heart Easy-Fit Ribbed Hat is one of my favorite ribbed hat patterns, but it’s adult sized.

I’m knitting flat and seaming.

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These are helpful, thank you!

I am just now knitting for preemies. For a 1-2 lb., I cast on stylecraft dk recommended for the hats. 36 stitches on #4 needles and the ribbing is k1, p1 for 8 rows. If I were knitting for a 3-5 lb. preemie I would cast on 48 stitches and these hats for preemies have a mostly open back to accommodate wires, etc. if you are interested in this pattern, stylecraft has the info.

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It’s Max again and I forgot to tell you the pattern is a free download and really easy . I think I had a dolls with bigger heads that these hats would never fit. Started it yesterday and finished it this morning and the size almost made me weep, soooo very small! Good luck!