Need Help with Baby Blanket - Love Katia Peru Yarn, but hate their yellow

I am knitting a baby blanket for a friend with simple 7 inch by 7 inch squares that I will sew together in the end. I chose katia peru washable yarn. It’s described in the yarn index as: “Peru” is a heavy worsted yarn that is machine washable and is offered in solid, earth tones shades from Katia. This fiber is 40% wool, 40% acrylic and 20% alpaca which works up smoothly into shawls, scarves, jackets, vests, hats, gloves and sweaters. I really want a buttercream yellow for the blanket but Peru only offers a mustard yellow. Is there another brand of yarn that would look and feel the same where I could find the perfect yellow for the baby blanket?? Thanks so much for your help!

Eww… that is definitely not a pretty yellow especially for a baby! I don’t know of one with the exact gauge, but what about these?

Thanks so much for your reply. I have been to several knit shops looking for the right match with no luck. Both of the options you suggested looked good and I picked one and ordered it. I know it will turn out great. Much thanks!!!