Need help with a Susan Bates Pattern

Hi I am a new knitter, need help with reading instructions. Your help is needed and appreciated.
I was starting on knitting a Raglan-Worked From Neck Down, but had to stop. The instructions are:
Row 1: Inc 2 sts in next st ( to inc: (K1, yo, K1) all in next st )
Row 3: Inc 2 sts ( seam st)
I knitted the increases as k1, yo, k1, yo, k1 and also knitted k1, yo, k1, k1, yo, k1. Then when I came to Row 3 I did not know if I had to do the yo or not, but I did it any way. None of what I did looked right, there were too many holes.
I do not understand why is "(seam st)“written in Row 3, as the piece is worked on a circular kneedle starting from the neck and I understand it as I should not have a seam. I have been reading again and again " A Passion for Knitting” and the Susan Bates booklet I have bought to teach me how to knitt, but none can give me the answer. :crying:

For row one, you just need to increase in the one stitch–k, yo, k in one stitch–they’re just telling you that that makes two increases in the one stitch.

I would do the same for row 3. These are going to be your raglan increases, and when they say seam stitch, it’s to show you that these increases are along the raglan ‘line’ that slants from the armpit to neck.

Hope this makes sense.

Thanks Ingrid for your help. :smiley:

I did not include all the instructions and I should have.
I started with 80 stitches and the instructions say I should have 88 sts at the end of Row 1. The full instructions for Row 1 is:

  • Inc 2 sts in next st (to inc: (K1, yo, K1) all in next st), K 29, place a marker on needle; repeat from * around—88sts.

Would it means I should knitt K1, yo, K1 and again K1, yo, k1 to get the 2 sts increase?

Row 3 stated: * K1, inc 2 sts in next st (seam st), K to marker; repeat from * around—8 sts increased.

Could I use any other increase methods, like those on this web site and not needing to use yo ?
The picture I have for this project I can only see a line separating the arm and the main body, not a line of holes like what I produced. :??

I can only think that the yo in Row 1 is a mark for me to know where to fold the neck down, when Iam finishing the raglan.

When you k, yo, k into one stitch, you ARE making a two stitch increase. The yo and the second knit are two more than you started with. I don’t think you’ll get too much of a hole when you do a yo this way.

I think you want to use this increase for the raglan, because you want it to show. Try just doing it in the one stitch and see what it looks like. So knit into the stitch, but don’t slide it off, put the yarn in front between the needles, and knit into the same stitch again. Then slide it off. You’ll have three stitches where you had one.

I hope this is clearer.

Thank you so much, you should have your own pattern book.

Your second paragraph is what I needed, now I can undo up to the neck and continue on.

Thanks Ingrid for your quick reply, this rid of head ache since last week. :smiley:

Happy to help! This forum is quite active–you never go long without a response!

Hi Ingrid, I need help again. I am up to the division Left Sleeve. The instructions are:

Divide for Front/Back and Sleeves: Removing markers as you go, K 28 sts, place a marker on needle, K next 83 sts and put these 83 sts only on length of yarn for front, K next 65 sts and put on a length of yarn for right sleeve, K next 83 sts and put on a length of yarn for back. Work on remaining 65 sts for left sleeve as follows:
With larger needle, cast on 7 sts and knit to end—72 sts. Join and mark beginning of each round. K 1 round.

What I did was, I followed the instructions up to the left sleeve. At the end of placing the last 83 sts on yarn on hold for Back, I had only 37 sts on my right needle that has not been knitted. At this point I do not understand what I needed to do next. I read from the instructions that I should have 65 sts left. I thought that the first 28 knitted sts plus the 37 sts not knitted makes the remaining 65 sts. Also I did not know where I should add the cast on sts. I know from my notes in the Susan Bates booklet that " Casting On While Work Is In Progress", "in shaping sleeves, which occurs at the begginning of a row."
So I was contemplating on what to do, finally I kntited the 37 sts and the 28 already knitted sts. Then I casted on 7 sts required and then join and mark. Then I knitted one round. The result is an extra 7 attatched sts onto the 65 sts and gave me 72 sts, does not look right to what I know in sewing. I am told in the Finishing inststructions that I need to sew underarm seam. I can not see how or where am I going to sew the separated 7sts part to, hence I have to stop and ask you for help.
I have taken a photo for you to see what I have done. Many thanks to you.

I understand what you’re saying. You probably should have cast on the seven stitches first, but since it’s in the round now it won’t matter. You might want to move your marker to the other side of the seven stitches in case it matters later in reading the directions. Probably won’t–either way I don’t think it’s a big deal.

Those seven stitches are in the armpit. When you’re done with the sweater, you’ll have those seven to sew to seven underarm stitches for the body.

Sounds like you’re managing just fine. Sometimes you just have to do as the pattern says and see why’s of it all later after it’s all said and done. Many times I’ve done patterns and then after I just did as I was told it all was a big AHA! moment.