Need help with a "slit"

im working with the pattern on the Lion Brand Fun Fur Prints pattern name is SLIT SCARF

i cannot figure out how to do the slit in the pattern i have read everything i could find on the internet, you tube plus went to the site itself. only to find nothing on this stitch so confused anyone know of a video i could watch or how to do it
thanks to all


You’re going to knit 4 inches of scarf. Then you’re going to put the 2nd 8 stitches on a stitch holder and knit only on the first 8 stitches until that section is 3.5" additional inches long. Then put those 8 stitches on a stitch holder and go back and knit the other 8 stitches until that section matches the first section. Then go back to knitting all the way across the whole 16 stitches.

cool thanks

So when stitching the other side how do you bring the yarn down to do that? do you just take it down then cut and weave in? When i get this down im soo making a video! Books make no sence in this case.

Hi Suz!

I made that scarf a couple of times and I did what Abbily said - But, when I went to join the yarn back onto the stitches on the holder, I cut it and started it over on the new piece, so there was an end there to add on.

But, I have a new method that I like better and get similar results but it it was easier…

In that method you work across like 8 stitches then with the next 8 stitches you bind those off and then knit the last 8 stitches (when I did it with fun fur, I think I did 12 rows across, and divided it in 3 sections of 4 stitches. The next row you re-cast on the middle stitches and it leave a nice clean hole in your scarf.

I hope this helps! Good luck!

OMG thank you soooooo much for that video!!! Thats what i needed. wow you guys are life savers!!

huge thank you’s

suz :muah:

I am so glad to help!!! I can’t wait to see the scarf when you get done!! :slight_smile: