Need help with a slip stitch diamond pattern!

Hey! I’m having problems understanding these directions…can anyone help??? It is for a “Slip Stitch Diamond”. I have 130 stitches casted on. It says:
Slip stitch diamond
(Mon Tricot Knitting Dictionary):

Row 1: * C2R, k12 *, C2R.
Row 2 and alt rows: P.
Row 3: K1, *C2L, k10, C2R. *, k1.
Row 5: *K2, C2L, k8, C2R *, k2.

Cont in this way working 2 sts less between crossed sts until the lines cross each other as first row.

I’ve done 6 rows and it looks great…like Vs but I don’t understand the last part about working 2 sts less between crossed sts. Any ideas???

Notice in row 1, between the C2R’s there is k12. On row 3 there is K10. On row 5 there is K8. So instead of them writing all the directions out, I guess, they’re just telling you to keep decreasing the number of knits between the crossed stitches. So on row 7 there would be a K6, row 9 would be K4, row 11 would be K2, etc.

Does that help?

I am trying to figure this out as well, I get the part where you “keep going” but I cant get a “cross” to happen, and if I started back at row 1 anyway, would not get a diamond but a bunch of v’s!!! I feel like I am in the twilightzone or it must be wrong somehow.

It should be


so diamons created by the X’s, but even the picture in mon tricot is not accurate because the bottom of the “swatch” does not start with the bottom of the pattern.

Follow the directions that knitqueen has given. By the time you get to row 13 you’ll be at the cross. There will be directions for how to do the cross and then for the following rows before you repeat at row 1.

I got stuck on this too, here is the answer (barring typos):
Row 1: Cross 2R, k12, cross 2R
Row 2: and all even rows: P
Row 3: K1, cross 2L, k10, cross 2R, k1
Row 5: K2, cross 2L, k8, cross 2R, K2.
Row 7: K3, cross 2L, k6, cross 2R, k1, K2.
Row 9: K4, cross 2L, k4, cross 2R, k3, k2
Row 11: K5, cross 2L, k2, cross 2R, k3, k2.
Row 13: K6, cross 2L, cross 2R, k4, k2.
Row 15: K7, cross 2R, k5, k2.
Row 17: K6, cross 2R, cross 2L, k4, k2.
Row 19: K5, cross 2R, k2, cross 2L, k3, k2.
Row 21: K4, cross 2R, k4, cross 2L, k2, k2.
Row 23: K3, cross 2R, k6, cross 2L, K1, K2.
Row 25: K2, cross 2R, k8, cross 2L, K2.
Row 27: K1, cross 2R, k10, cross 2L, k1