Need help with a hat

I need help! Well, duh, obviously, or I wouldn’t be in this particular forum :? Anyway.

I wanna knit a hat, BUT, I’ve only got one set of 2 needles, and they’re single-tipped. So obviously I’ll need to do some seaming. Does anyone have a pattern for that? Purty purty please??? :flirt:

Preferably one I won’t get sued for if I were to sell the finished hat lol

If you have the Stitch n Bitch book, there is a nice pattern for a seamed ribbed hat. There is also the VW hat pattern in the free patterns section on knitting help. That should give you an idea of how to do the basic construction of a seamed hat.

I don’t know about selling them though…you shouldn’t sell stuff off of someone else’s pattern unless you contact the designer and ask.

Hi Ravenwings!

There are lots of hats [color=blue][size=6]here[/size][/color] as well as a bunch of other places…but this should certainly give you a start!

Have fun!


oops…double post… :oops:


I’m new to knitting, but I pick up on everything I put my hands to really fast. So, I should be able to modify anything to where I can sell it as my own :slight_smile: I just need a pattern to get started from.

And it doesn’t need to be anything special. Just a solid, one-color thingie is fine. I just need a basic idea of what to do.