Need help with a Christmas Stocking "heel"

:?? :wall: Ok… I guess you get the point… I am so frustrated by this… I have never made “socks”… I design my own sweaters and crochet as well… I’ve been doing all this since I was 14, but I just don’t get what this pattern is doing… It’s a Christmas Stocking designed by Nicky Epstein I have been dying to make… now that the Holiday is over … I stared… I’m down to the heel and it makes NO sense at all… If I post a portion of the directions maybe someone can help… I have 53 stitches and the first rows of the heel turning do not account for all the stitches… can someone help???

53 sts rem. Work even until piece measures 13-1/2" from turning ridge, ending with a WS row.

Divide for Heel
(RS) K13 and sl to holder for right half of heel; k17 and sl to 2nd holder for instep; k13 for left half of heel. Work on these 13 sts only.
Row 1: P13.
Row 2: Sl 1, k12.
Rows 3-18: Rep Rows 1 & 2.

Turn Heel
Row 1: P2, p2 tog, p1, turn.
Row 2: Sl 1, k3, turn.
Row 3: P3, p2 tog, p1, turn.
Row 4: Sl 1, k4, turn.
Row 5: P4, p2 tog, p1, turn.
Row 6: Sl 1, k5, turn.
Row 7: P5, p2 tog, p1, turn.
Row 8: Sl 1, k6, turn.
Row 9: P6, p2 tog, p1—8 sts rem. Sl sts to holder.

It is so hard to explain this here but I’ll try. What you’re knitting is the heel flap and I know it looks like a nutty mess but if you just trust the pattern you will have a magically appearing heel. It’s a wonderous thing the first time.

OK…you are dividing the sts for the heel. You don’t knit all the sts when you do the heel, you just knit a “flap” and you are putting the other sts on a holder to pick up later when you’re done with the heel. So do exactally what it says and then with the 13 sts on the needle you are going to slip the first stitch on each knit row (don’t knit it, just slip it to the right needle) do that the required number of rows,…looks like 18.

Then you’re ready to make the cup the heel actually fits into. You follow the directions just as they say. when they say “turn” you just stop what you’re doing and turn the work right there in the middle of the row and start doing what the next instruction says. I know it sounds crazy, just do what it says.

You might want to watch silver’s sock tutorial, now that I think about it.

Look this over, it should really help. I didn’t know about it when I started knitting socks so I just muscled my way through my first heel and I remember thinking the heel instructions were CRAZY! Look at the tutorial and do what the pattern says…

Good luck. Maybe someone else has a better way to explain it. I have a cold so my head is all foggy…:wink:


thank you so much for the answer… I have looked and looked at this pattern… I think I understand what you are saying, but I guess I asking as well if the stitches left on my needle after following the directions will be incorporated later in the heel… I think that why you say"go forward"… hehehe …I have watched videos and none of them show this… THE LEFT STITCHES ON MY LEFT NEEDLE (this is a 2 needle pattern)… is there another pattern somewhere that’s two needle that I could compare too??? I have taught knitting and knitted all my life so this is frustrating… but I will not give up… so glad to find this forum… I am on SewForum at Allbrands as well… such great people on the net!!! I’m off to check out your etsy shop… I was there for a little over a year, but sales were slow… just too many knitted and crocheted things… mine are original and were recognized by a few, the prices were so cheap that it aggravated me “no sales” so I just keep making things and selling them twice a year at give away prices here in my retirement village’s Craft Fair… People are thrilled and I get to make anything I feel like!!! Again thank you and wish me luck… Barbara

Hummm, I’ve never made a two needle sock and the directions look like you are using three dpn’s…

When you’re done with the heel flap you will pick up sts along both edges of the heel flap and then knit them along with the rest of the sts on the holder.

If you could send a link to the pattern that would help.

Good luck!

The instructions you have provided are for the left half of the heel only. There has to be more, like “pick up sts for right half of heel and repeat”. Is the pattern online? Can you provide a link? If not, I’d check the instructions regarding the other half of the heel or look online for errata on that pattern!

Good Luck!

Yes, now that I read it more carefully, you’re right Spokaloo! Can you post a link to the pattern? This is too weird! There has to be something else…

You have both proved to me that the directions are “pitiful” to say the least… I think this pattern is at “knitting pattern central”… I’ve had if for a long time … I will give it a try… if I can’t make this work … I’ll have to rip bac and start over with a better pattern… again thank you for the help… now I’m off to see who I could help and what kind of good info I can get… bj

Hi i am also have the same problem with this pattern , there are just to many stiches i wonder if there as been an error in the pattern
there are 10 stitches to many but if i 27 stiches on mu holder that would account for them …never knitted a sock befor i am baffled

Welcome to KH!
Yes, that’s the way to correct the error in the pattern. If you look further down in the pattern at Gusset & Instep, the directions mention the “27 instep sts” on the holder. It’s 27 not 17sts as given earlier. This makes sense since the total heel sts and instep sts are usually about the same.
This may not be your pattern but it’s a basic Nicky Epstein, 2-needle stocking.

Thank you that really helped.I am now seeing it up and its worked out better than I expected