Need Help with a Bobble Instruction

Hello! Could someone help me with some instructions for a bobble that I’m having trouble with. The shawl is on Ravelry, the name is ‘Let It Snow’, here is the link:

The instructions for the bobble say, “[I]mb = make a bobble on the RS: Without dropping the stitch off the left needle: k1, yo,k1,yo,k1 (= 5 stitches). Now you can drop the old stitch from the left needle. Turn the work, knit the five stitches. Turn the work, sl4p, k1, psso (all four of them!). The bobble is done and you should be on the right side of the work, ready to continue.;[/I]”

My problem is with the sl4p, k1, psso. It’s just not turning out right. Is there a trick to it? I’ve made bobbles before and they turned out fine. I can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong :shrug: . I appreciate all the help I can get!

Terrie :knitting:

I’m not sure what you don’t like about the look of the bobble as you are doing it. You slip 4 sts purlwise from the left needle to the right, k1 and then lift the 4 slipped sts one at a time over the knit st. I think one at a time is easier and keeps the knit st from coming off the right needle. Sometimes the bobble looks a little loose and the sts seem to too defined but it usually tightens up. You can pinch it into shape if you think that might help.

Yes, slip the 4 sts one at a time over the k1 st.

Can I use the method that is in the bobble video here on That is the one I’ve used before and it turned out great. It’s the “SL4P, K1, PSSO” that is giving me trouble. It’s not looking like a bobble at all. I get a small bobble and next to it is a big mess of stitches jumbled together. It looks like two separate things.

The slipped sts [I]are[/I] the bobble.

First you k yo k yo k all in one stitch, then turn your work around to the WS and knit those 5 sts, turn it around again to the RS and slip 4 of them knitwise, knit 1. Then pass the 4 sts one by one over the k1, starting with the one that’s closest to the the k1.

I’ve replaced bobbles that I didn’t like with ones that I preferred for whatever reason. It’s up to you.
Remember for the bobble in the pattern that you’re always dealing with the 5sts created from the initial one st. You increase to 5sts and then decrease those sts back to one again before proceeding.

I’m such an airhead :doh: , I was doing it wrong!!! lol… Instead of knitting each stitch on the wrong side I was doing a K5tog. Since I don’t have ink for my printer, I had to write the instructions. I wrote it down wrong. I didn’t even realize it. I guess that is what happens when you don’t pay attention to the details… Thanks again for all of your help!!!

Hey we’ve all read patterns wrong and sometimes when I write out a few lines of the pattern stitch, I get it wrong too.

Sometimes, too, it will look stretched out and gappy on each side. Once you knit a few rows, the yarn will contract back to shape from its stretched condition and you won’t have any more gaps. This happens a lot when I’m doing cables.

I have to say I have never seen a bobble like this before… does it come out like a garter stitch… For every bobble I have made the 2nd row is purled not knitted… different.

Yes, this just one more of the many ways to make a bobble. It comes out a little nubbier than the “purl on the back” but basically, a bobble.