Need help w/ I Cord instructions

[FONT=“Comic Sans MS”][COLOR=“Red”]Merry Christmas everyone…
I’m making my first felting project, a very large bag that I now need to begin a I Cord the top rim It also calls for hole’s (like buttonholes) that a strap,or cording can pass through as in weaving in and out,which sort of holds the bag in shape. I’ve read several tutorials,and watched the video here,but geezO I don’t get it. This is my first project after a few scarves, and I don’t want to mess it up. Any suggestions for some really simply instructions? It may be I need to watch the video several more times to ‘get it’[/COLOR][/FONT]The bag is turning out just beautiful,and I’m excited about finishing the project,but as it is now, I’m stuck. Thanks much:doh:

With and I-cord, you just use your dpn and take the stitches on it and knit as usual. When you are done with the row, you basically turn it around so the yarn that you’re working with is on the opposite side where it usually is. Then, you continue knitting bringing the yarn from the end so you essentially make a tube.

Did that help, or do i have the completely wrong thing here?

This is one of those situations where thinking too hard causes problems. I kept thinking it didn’t make sense until I actually did it and what do you know, it worked.

To make the holes you’ll do several yo, k2tog close to the top edge. You may want to space them every few inches.

Icord is made by casting on 5 sts or so on a dpn or circular needle, knit across, [B]don’t[/B] turn, but push your stitches back to the other end and… here, look at the video for it down at the bottom of the page

Thank you knitfriends…I’m going to give it a try maybe on some scrap yarn.;o)

Back with another question …in regards to the I cord, many of the explainations I’ve found always say use 2ended needles (not sure the right name for those) My question is when I purchase them do I get them in the same size as the needles that I’m knitting the whole project with? Or does it matter at all? thanks alot…

Your double pointed needles could be the same size, but the way your i-cord is used, as a trim and for the cord, they wouldn’t have to have the same qauge as the bag exactly.