Need help understanding YO and KNITTING IN THE ROUND

this is the pattern I am asking about…

I understand the concept of Yarn Over but when the pattern says " drop all YO stitches" as it does on row 16 do you just let them go? or do you pass the sticth to the next needle like a slip stitch?

my question about knitting in the round when joining the frist sticth to the last sticthc to make a circle what doyou do?

THANKX for all the helpI have received. I really appreciate it!! :XX:

You will just drop them off the needle. What you’re doing is creating elongated stitches. When you knit one, then do two yarn overs, you’re actually making one long stitch on the needle. Next round, you’ll knit the knit stitches and drop those wraps (YOs) off. What you’re left with is a long, beautiful knit stitch.

A word of warning, the first elongated stitch (after the YO round) will be a little wonky in shape. Don’t let it stress you out. It’s normal. :slight_smile:

And when joining the round, all you do is knit into the first stitch of the round with the working yarn, which is coming from the last stitch. Knitting that first stitch joins the round. Just keep knitting around and around. :thumbsup:


you make it sound so easy. I am sure I will get the hang of it.

Thanx again! :thumbsup:

You’re welcome. It is easy. It just sounds difficult. :slight_smile:


I’ve seen some online videos on Yarn overs and the yarn over on this site is different than the others. The other yarn overs is the type of yarn over when you are knitting. Which is the right yarn over to use when a pattern states yarn over? :??

The yarn over videos here are correct. What you’re referring to as the “other YOs done while knitting” are not really yarn overs. They are simply wrapping the yarn around the needle while knitting a stitch. This can be listed in a pattern as a YO for the sake of pattern writing, but a true YO is done in between knit or purl stitches, not during. :thumbsup:

Thank you for that explanation! You made it sound less difficult than it really is! :smiley: