Need help understanding pattern

Hello - I hope someone can help me. I’m working left front of a sweater and the pattern had me ending with a p row. For the next row the pattern states “Dec 1 st at end of next row (this is the k row) and at same edge on every foll 3rd row …”-- to me the 3rd row is a p row – why would the pattern have me dec the first st in the k row and all subsequent dec with a p row? This doesn’t seem right to me.

First row = dec k row
First foll row = p row
Second foll row = k row (Is this the 3rd row and the second dec row?)
Third foll row = p row
Fifth row = k row (Is this where I do the second dec?)???

Oh - can you tell I’m a beginner-- Thanks in advance for your help.

It is a little odd that they’d have you begin the decrease on a knit and then change to purl, but it would still work. As Ingrid would say, “trust the pattern”. If it really makes you uncomfortable, you might want to check the pattern web site (if there is one) to see if they have listed any corrections.

It’s probably a matter of spacing more than a k/p issue. Just the fact that you’re decreasing every third row is going to have you alternating on knit/purl sides since it’s an odd number.

You’d increase on that first knit row, the next purl row–let’s call them row one and two.

1-dec - k
2-dec - p
5-dec - k
8-dec - p
11-dec - k


I didn’t even take the time to look at that…there is a “pattern” to it after all that makes some kind of sense.