Need Help Trying to Knit Socks

I have tried to knit sock on DPN’s, with two circular needles, and with the Magic Loop method. I get what I am supposed to do; however, when I join the rounds no matter how tight I pull the yarn I am still getting what I think most people call ladders. The join is much looser than the rest of the knitting and there are gaps. I have tried youtube videos and books and I just can’t get it right. Is there someone out there that can help me? I’m just about to the point that I think I will never be able to knit socks!!! :verysad:

Pulling the yarn can sometimes make the ladders worse. If anything, just knit at your normal tension and pull it a little [I]after[/I] you do the first stitch. Some looseness will disappear after you do a few more rounds if it’s just on the joining/first round.

Try holding the needles so the joins are held together. I kind of use my little fingers on both sides.

Mostly it just takes practice to learn to hold them and to not to pull too tight.If you’re getting frustrated and tense it will show in your knitting, too.

Are you using fingering weight? You might try a little heavier weight socks for the first pair.

I will definately try that. I have tried using worsted weight yarn, but that didn’t help. I’m pulling after the first stitch to tighten everything up, but after several rounds it really looks bad. Maybe it’s just going to take some practice, and of course I’m my worst critic!!

Washing may help some of these sts even out, too. I pull a [I]little[/I] on the first st of the new needle and I don’t see ladders. Most importantly, I just wanted to add, “Go ND!”

You could knit two rows flat and then join the next row in the round. I would imagine a tiny little seam for two rows (especially if you’re knitting ribbing) wouldn’t be very noticeable.

Are your stitches stretched out around the needles? This might make the weakest point (the join) stretch more.

One other technique I’ve used when joining in the round is to use the dangling end in combination with the working yarn to knit the first stitch or two of the join. This at least allows you to pull on two different sides (ends of yarn) to tighten things up. Amy often uses this technique in the videos on this site. Just look for one where she’s knitting in the round!