Need help to interpret the pattern instructions


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Hi, everyone, please help me to interpret these pattern instructions.

These followings are my questions;

  1. How many stitches are required to knit for each row due to the separated pattern of flowers that are not included in the main pattern?

  2. I cannot interpret the pattern of “row 17” of the left hand site flower (A’). I fail to knit the first row of A’ (k1b,k, k1b) to be in the middle of its receptacle (k1b of row 16)

  3. I have no idea how to knit the right hand side of row “19” since the top of flower is decreased to 1 (k1) from the previous row

Can someone please answers these questions for me? By the way, I apologize for my English skill since English is my 2nd language.

Thank you so much.



Welcome to the forum!
That’s a beautiful pattern.
There’s only one stitch which will become the leaf pattern in the first few rows. Once you get to the beginning of the leaf chart the stitches increase according the the leaf charts. That will increase the stitch number across the row but the background pattern and stitch number will stay the same. Only the leaf pattern will increase and then decrease. It may help to place a marker on that initial stitch for the first few rows as a reminder.

The loop on either side of the knit stitch that starts the leaf pattern is an increase (maybe a make one by lifting the strand between sts?). Is that what you are doing?

The final decrease in row 17 of the leaf pattern is a knit stitch in row 18 and then purled in row 19. The stitch count goes back to the original number. The purl stitch becomes part of the background sts once again.


Can I ask how come it has only one stitch on the first row? Does it mean those 3 stitches from the leaf pattern are not (k1b,k,k1b) but they are (yarn over, k, yarn over) instead?


That’s what I was thinking (yo, k, yo) but it could equally be a M1 or a knit front and back.


I will try to knit front & back first.

Thank you so much “salmonmac” ;I do appreciate for your advise.