Need help selecting yarn

Hi all!

I want to make this scarf - DNA scarf but i don’t know what kind of yarn to use… I’m not to familiar with the yarn that was originally used and can’t find much info about it.

As i’m still quite a [color=green]greenie[/color] when it comes to yarns and fibers and how to substitute these things, i thought i’d solicit the sage advice of the members here before i went to my LYS and felt backed into buying something that they suggest at $20/ball… :help:

It says it was a sport weight yarn (originally) so would something like this Plymouth Encore DK work? (oh dear, i fear i’m showing my ignorance here :oops: ) Or would it be better in something that’s not a blend…??

Just like the designer, i’m making it for my PhD mentor - i KNOW he’ll love it!

Any advice is appreciated!



Andean Treasure


I think you would spend less on any these YUMMIES than you would on the Plymouth!

And, I’ve felt them all!! :inlove:

I made mine out of Encore DK. It came out fine. If you want to see an not-so-great pic of it click on the www I made it with the helix all the way down the scarf. I didn’t add the ribbing in the middle.

Me neither… I was planning on continuing the design all the way like you did… Thanks!


Into heavy petting with yarn, eh??? You know, that might cost you your job if you do it in front of the elderly!! :wink:

Ok, so my next question is - if i go with the KP stuff (Elegance looks quite lovely), how washable will it be?? I mean i guess it’d have to be handwashed, right?

(My supervisor is a true science geek… i’d be afraid he’d ruin it by not noticing the trivial things in life like laundry)…