Need help reading this pattern!

Hi, I’m a beginner knitter and attempting to take on my first big project of knitting a cardigan, but I really need help in understanding the pattern. Here’s the instruction for knitting the back of the cardigan:

So, what I don’t get is the part about decreasing stitches. Am I supposed to decrease each side of only the 1st and 12th rows of the Irish Moss St Pat, repeat the same until I’m left with 75 stitches? And the next step, “cont even in pat until work from beg measures 19,” does it mean once I’ve decreased to 75 stitches, I should just knit the pattern without further decreasing stitches until I get the right length?

Any advice/comment would be appreciated! :slight_smile:

Yes and yes. I’m assuming that you are making the smallest size. Decrease one stitch at the beginning and end of row 1, again on row 12 , again at row 24 (or 12 if you started over at row 1), and again at row 36 (or 12 if you start over at 1 again). That’s a total of 8 stitches decreased. Then continue in pattern without anymore decreases until the entire back panel is 19" from cast on edge. Make sure you end by knitting a wrong side row (any even numbered row).

Welcome to KH and to knitting!
I agree with Metylda with one slight modification. If you dec on row one, 12 rows later would be rows 13,25 and 37 (all right side rows). Not a substantial change for this pattern but it might matter in future.
Good for you for tryingEnjoy working your sweater.

Thanks, at 3 am my brain doesn’t like working properly.

Thank you so much, Metylda and salmonmac!!! Your comments definitely clear things up! Now the pattern makes sense :smiley::muah:

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