Need help reading a pattern

I am knitting wings for a little fairy doll…I have been knitting the seed stitch up to this point. I have 22 stitches on my needle. I am completely puzzled as to what the pattern is telling me to do at this point. Here is where I am:

Next row (RS): Patt 2 tog, patt 4, patt 2 tog, turn

Next row: Patt 2 tog, patt 2, patt 2 tog. (4 sts).

Bind off in seed st.

With RS facing, rejoin yarn to rem 14 sts and work 4 rows in seed st.

Then, dec 1 st at each end of next and every alt row to 8 sts.

Work 1 row.

Thank you very much for helping me!

Bind off in seed st.

“Patt 2 tog, patt 4, patt 2 tog, turn”

Patt means pattern, patt tog means to knit or purl 2 sts together, whatever will keep the seed stitch pattern. Then work 4 sts in pattern, and dec.

Then you BO in seed st. Next, with the RS facing you, take a new end of yarn and work 4 rows ins pattern over the remaining 14 sts. Dec 1 st both ends of the next row and every other row till you get to 8 sts. Work 1 row and BO in seed st.

Thank you so much for your help…I am able to continue on and finish this project.