Need help reading a pattern :/

In this pattern it says:

“Important! At the beginning of Rnd 7: Remove the stitch marker, slip the first stitch without
knitting it, and place the marker to indicate the new beginning of the round.”

Now I assumed that it didnt mean for teh first round seven which would be the last row of ribbing but on teh chart. So for teh chart I go through round 1-15 go through it again but only on rounds 1-7 and then after that i start the crown chart(im knitting the child sized hat) so Im not sure if I should slip teh first stitch both times I knit round 7 or only teh second time when Im changing it to a different chart.

Thanks so much in advance for any help!

From how I read the instructions you ONLY move the marker when you finish the first 7 rounds of ribbing. My guess is that you are shifting the pattern over to match up the ribbing with the leaf pattern.

It wouldn’t make sense to me to shift the pattern over a stitch when there is an even multiple of the leaf pattern stitch on the needles.